Carbon Base

Carbon Base is a nutrient and energy source for both your plants and the beneficial microbes that are essential for a successful grow in organic crops. You can get access to these microbes by using our Organic Microbes product. The carbon in the product will feed your microbes and your microbes will feed your plant.… Continue reading Carbon Base

Fish Base

Fish Base is a unique British Organic Bio product that uses sustainably sourced fish biomass to create a balanced organic feed for plant growth. The product is created by using a patented process for hydrolysing the skeleton and muscle of fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean. Fish Base provides the elemental base nutrients required for… Continue reading Fish Base


The control of pH in organic feeds can be a tricky business. Some fertilizers can be outside of the sweet spot for plant growth (pH 5.5-6.5). Plus the vast majority of pH control products on the market are not compatible with organic cultivation. Most pH Down products are based on phosphoric acid, and pH Up… Continue reading PH DOWN